Black Girls Write 2 is an organization that is dedicated to providing women of color with a forum where they can express themselves in written format.  We cultivate creativity, ingenuity, self-love, and love for our cultures using writing as the primary vehicle. Offering courses on writing strategies, providing inspirational speaking events, and book signing events are just some of the many services I may offer to clients looking to expand their creativity using words to embrace their audience and bring them to their feet!
Additionally, linking writing to social justice through community projects and advocacy, Black Girls Write 2 is expressly committed to elevating women of color and enhancing their sociability by ensuring that all women are treated with dignity and respect. Utilizing FREE courses for young girls ages 11-17, I embed skills that are vital for nurturing globally minded young women.
Through writing, using various formats, this organization believes that women of color may continue to learn to promote welfare, care, and ethics in our global society.
As the owner and operator, I am also a published author, providing various services that cater to spreading literacy throughout the world. Some of those services include: author coaching, editing, narration, lyrics, and many other personalized services a la carte.
Clients may join in the movement, by visiting Facebook at Blackgirlswrite2 as well as Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube, Linked and Twitter- let's stay connected.

Visit my online store and purchase our merchandise and send a message to the community that: We Read, We Write, We Publish TM! Our products were designed to bring out the royalty in every client.

Forever Humbled,

Dr. Zylia Knowlin